TMTS 2018 Focuses on the Next Generation of Manufacturing


As always, the international press conference of TMTS 2018 has gathered journalists from all over the world. Professional insiders come together and discuss about the future perspectives of Taiwan's machinery industry.


There are industrial journalists coming to the show from more than twelve nations, including Germany, Japan, Russia, India, China, Belgium, Italy, Czech, Singapore, Poland, Philippines, and the USA. Together these journalists represent more than twenty international media. Besides the exports of machine tools of Taiwan, their discussion at the meeting are about the next generation of manufacturing, that is, the following development of smart production in Taiwan.


Senior officials of TMBA, the organizer of the TMTS show, point out the fact that most of the machine tool suppliers in Taiwan are enterprises of small or middle sizes, so that with the consideration of a sustainable business operation model, they have to customize their own path towards the goal of smart manufacturing. By this way the development of intelligent machinery in Taiwan would be a diversified development, and the corresponding solutions could be well applied to a variety of industrial sectors.


Regarding the export issues of Taiwan's machine tools to the Turkish market, now Taiwanese people are pondering about strategy modifications towards this market, since there is a 70% currency depreciation of Turkish Lira. It is expected that with the strategy modifications or adjustments, Taiwan's machine tool manufacturers could find the desire path to the Turkish market, a geographical and economic hub that has the greatest investment effect for the European and the Middle East markets.

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