The theme of TMTS 2024, "DX & GX for a Sustainable Future", is based on the two main axes of DX (Digital Transformation) and GX (Green Transformation), and includes the following 10 elements:

DX Digital Transformation

  • Smart Manufacturing
    Automate and digitize production processes through intelligent technology to improve production efficiency and quality.
  • Data Analytics and Cloud Computing
    Apply big data, AI and other technologies to analyze data on production processes and product quality, optimize production processes, or achieve production data management and application through cloud computing technology.
  • AIoT
    Integrate AI and IoT technologies to transform the factors of production, such as man, machine, material, method, and environments, into data resources.
  • Digital Twin / Human-Machine Collaboration
    Simulate and optimize production processes through digital twin technology. Apply robotics or AI to achieve human-machine collaboration.
  • Blockchain Technology
    Apply blockchain technology to achieve product traceability and quality control, and improve the reliability and trust of products.

GX Green Transformation

  • Smart Energy Conservation
    Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption through intelligent technologies, such as energy management systems and automated monitoring systems. Reduce carbon emissions by using more environmentally friendly energy sources to improve the energy efficiency of production lines.
  • Environmental Certification
    Establish environmental protection management systems through environmental management certification to carry out green transformation.
  • Resource Recycling and Reuse
    Reduce resource waste by recycling, e.g., re-use of waste materials, reduction of product packaging, etc.
  • Green Supply Chain
    Promote the manufacturing of green products by cooperating with green suppliers, further actuating the green transformation of the entire supply chain.
  • Sustainable Product Design
    Mitigate environmental impact through sustainable product design, e.g., use of more eco-friendly materials, design of detachable products, etc.
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