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Main Product : HiPerSeal,HiPerLip,Parker seals
Main Product : Tool Holders, Chucks, Collet Chucks, Collet, Spindle Grippers, Coolant Unions, Gauges, Ultrasonic Toolholder, Hydraulic Chucks
Main Product : Magnetic De-Burring & Polishing Machine, Chuck Controller, Demagnetizer, Oil Skimmer, Stationary Demagnetizing Machine, RFID for smart tool management system.
Main Product : Steady Rests & Chucks & Cylinders & Accessories
Main Product : SU'S company is dedicated manufacturer of high speed steel drills, high cobalt end mills, solid carbide drills, solid carbide end mills and taps. In addition, our business range includes distribution of ERA and BOHLER high speed steels from Europe, and services of heat treatment.
Main Product : Carbide Slitting Saw, HSS Slitting Saw
Main Product : Power Vise, Vise CIM, FMS, FA Quick-Change, Manual Quick Lock
Main Product : High Pressure Diaphragm Pump: The MPD high pressure diaphragm pump was developed in response to the needs of transformation. This patented pump combines the structure of a plunger and a diaphragm, which can drive various fluids under high pressure and use a built-in circulating pump to maintain the system Operate at low temperature. It has been used in the high-pressure central cooling system. It
Main Product : Vision Measuring Equipment Digital Microscope
Main Product : Mainly engaged in 3D printing and scanning equipment sales and printing service
Main Product : Hardwares and Accessories for Machine Tool, Automatic Control Equipment, Lathe, Milling Machine, CAD/CAM Software, Glass Cutting Machine
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