Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Power Chuck/Hydraulic Cylinder. CNC LATHE/TAPPING&DRILLING CENTER.
Main Product : Electric Discharge Machine, Wire cut EDM
Industrial Technology Research Institute Intelligent Machinery Technology Center
Main Product : The Rotary Platform of Hybrid Drive Technology,Virtual machine technology,Mobile Devices AR Demonstration System for Machinery
Main Product : Industrial Sludge Cleaners, Oil Skimmer, Oil Mist Collector, UPS, AVR
Main Product : Drill bit Sharpener、End Mill Sharpener、Sharpening Tools
Suzhou hance Measuement equipment Co.Ltd
Main Product : CNC、日本MST角度頭
Main Product : Carbide Slitting Saw, HSS Slitting Saw
International Metalworking News for Asia
Main Product : Digital, Advertising, Networking Event, PR
Main Product : zero point clamping system hydraulic work-holding fixture pneumatic work-holding fixture manual work-holding fixture wet and dry leak detector
Real Tern
Main Product : Air-oiled Heat Exchanger Shell and tube type Heat Exchanger Brazed plate Heat Exchanger OEM & ODM
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