• Show Title
    The 8th Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS2024)
  • Date

    March 27th - 31st, 2024

  • Hours
    10:00 ‐ 18:00, March 27-30
    10:00 ‐ 17:00, March 31
  • Venue

    TaiNEX 1: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
                        1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei 11568, Taiwan

    TaiNEX 2: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2
                        2, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei 11568, Taiwan

  • Display categories

    ●  Metal cutting machines, Metal forming machines

    ●  Machine tool accessories, components and parts, hydraulic and pneumatic components, electronic control and drive system, auxiliary equipment

    ●  Cutting tools, toolholding & workholding devices, measuring systems and quality assurance

    ●  Smart manufacturing system, industrial robots, controller and related software (CAD/CAM etc.)

    ●  Other associated equipment, raw materials,  technologies and publications

  • Total area of exhibitions

    60,480 square meters

  • Exhibition scale

    600 companies 3,350 booths 

  • Admission method

    Register on TMTS website or TMTS APP for free entry.

  • Organizer

    Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA)

  • Sponsor

    Department of Information and Tourism,Taipei City Government

  • Co-organizer
    Additive Manufacturing Association of Taiwan
    Plumbing Association of Taiwan
    Precision Machinery Development Association
    Tai Chung Computer Association
    Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association
    Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry
    Taiwan Automation Intelligence And Robotics Association
    Taiwan Bearing & Transmission Association
    Taiwan Casting Industry Association
    Taiwan Cutting-Tool Engineering Association
    Taiwan Digital Enterprise Alliance
    Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association
    Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association
    Taiwan Hydraulics & Pneumatics Manufacturers' Association
    Taiwan Laser Application Development Association
    Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association
    Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association
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