CAPTAIN-ROTOCLEAR C2: The World’s Only CNC Machine Monitoring System


ROTOCLEAR C2, the machine tool internal monitoring system, can be installed inside the machine, allowing the entire machining process to be viewed through the screen. Exclusive patented technology ensures clear vision at all times, making it a high-tech innovative product.

According to Captain Science, the German brand ROTOCLEAR C2 in-machine monitoring system represents several product features and competitive advantages. For example, the lens itself is designed for the harsh environmental conditions inside a cutting machine, is extremely rugged, and can have two lenses mounted simultaneously— one on the side, top, or side of the sheet metal. The tool spindle is located inside the machine tool, with no blind spots and unobstructed visibility. The exclusive patented technology keeps the lens field of view always clear without interference from cutting fluids, iron filings, or other substances. It can be said to be the only monitoring system in the world that can be installed on machine tools.

In terms of the operating interface, the intuitive operation method makes it easy to get started, and the entire processing can be viewed on the screen or monitored remotely. It's very smart and user-friendly. In addition, the premium version also has video and photo functions and can save data; arguably, it is the best tool for monitoring the manufacturing process.

Traditional and current machine tools have a significant limitation during machining— the operator needs to be always on standby next to the machine, and the production process must be interrupted to confirm the placement of the workpiece and check the correctness, safety, and stability of the machining process. These behaviors not only extend production time and reduce efficiency but also increase the risks faced by operators. Therefore, if the processing conditions inside the machine tool can be effectively monitored, these influencing factors can be improved, thereby increasing productivity, enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise, truly possessing the strength of automated production, and steadily entering the ranks of Industry 4.0.

An excellent in-machine monitoring system must not be obscured or damaged by the harsh environment inside the machine. It must also provide close or effective viewing angles, as well as convenient and smart monitoring methods, thereby saving manpower and avoiding disasters or scrapped products, achieving preventive effects, and reducing costs associated with the elimination of production anomalies and accidents.

To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools, so using an excellent in-machine monitoring system is indeed a wise choice. For more product information or applications, please link to the official website or contact Captain Science.

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