Machan leads BOXO in a new era for Taiwan's tool industry


Since its establishment in 1976, Machan International Industrial Co., Ltd. has supplied contract manufacturing products to more than 670 clients globally, with its rich experience in brand OEM. Holding nearly fifty years of manufacturing expertise, Machan launched its own hand tool brand BOXO in 2005, transitioning from OEM and ODM manufacturing to successfully penetrate both local and international markets.

This year, at the TMTS 2024 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show, the Machan Group will lead the BOXO team along with K&W Tools, Kuang Yuang Industrial, Gong Maw Industrial, Proxene Tools, Lucky-Brand Industrial, and Lancer Tools Factory, forming a strategic alliance of six renowned Taiwanese hand tool manufacturers. This strategic collaboration symbolizes the cohesion and innovation capacity of Taiwan's tool industry, aiming to jointly advance the industry's development and commit to creating industrial miracles.

BOXO by Machan focuses on developing hand tool series with multifunctionality and completeness. With outstanding performance in the field of hand tools and overall storage equipment, BOXO has won global recognition. Our core product philosophy is to adhere to high-quality Taiwanese manufacturing standards, ensuring BOXO brand tools not only meet but exceed the quality standards of other leading brands in durability, precision, and innovative design, thereby enhancing user work efficiency and quality. Facing rapid market changes and increasingly diverse customer needs, BOXO by Machan continues to innovate technologically to meet new market demands. Through strategic alliances with six hand tool manufacturers, Machan will further enhance technological levels, inject new vitality into Taiwan's hand tool industry, and accelerate the pace from product design to market promotion.

Looking ahead, Machan commits to continuing to lead industry standards and bring Taiwan's innovative spirit to the world. Taiwan's Machan will lead the BOXO team in an unwavering pursuit of excellence, sincerely inviting all industry peers, partners, and customers to witness our growth and progress shoulder to shoulder with Machan on this continuous journey of improvement. You are welcome to visit us from March 27 to 31, 2024, daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (last day of visit until 5:00 PM) at Booth Q0904, Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, to interact with us.

Exhibition Time: 2024/3/27 (Wed) to 2024/3/31 (Sun)
Booth Number: Q0904 | Nangang Exhibition Hall 2
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Contact Person: Ms. Tina Yen
Phone: 0426834666 #2085
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