ifm took a new approach to digital exhibition | 2020 TMTS Virtual Fair


The TMTS virtual fair has offered ifm a new approach to reach out to customer. The digitalisation of the exhibition is especially relevant during this time when of a pandemic. It offers both the visitors and the exhibitors a safe way to connect, and ifm took the opportunity to explore something new.

As a company who specializes in helping other companies move towards the transformation into a smart factory, it is also about time we make our exhibitions smart. The digital exhibition has helped ifm to monitor in real-time the number of views on the virtual booth, and also allows the checking of the number of clicks on each application solution shown. This helps to give an indication of where the customers’ interest lie.

During this exhibition we showcased our application solutions for the machine tool industry, Mainly focusing on condition-based monitoring of hydraulic power units, cooling system, and fan. The compressed air monitoring, quality inspection, and identification of components


It is a new experience for ifm, but digitalization is likely to be the way forward. Therefore ifm will continue to accumulate experience in this area, and improve the online exhibition experience to make it as seamless as possible for our customers.

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