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Established in 1988, Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of magnetic application tools and is marketed worldwide under the ECE brand. It has accumulated multiple key technologies in magnetic products and tools, and effectively assists customers in effectively introducing magnetic clamping application technology into metal processing jobs. Earth-Chain’s distribution net spread cover 48 countries in the world including China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea. Since its establishment, Earth-Chain keep concentrating on product innovation, has more than 40 domestic and foreign patents.

In addition to the previous best-selling products, such as EEPM series electro- permanent magnetic chuck, ECB series permanent magnetic clamping block, ELM series lifting magnet, and various magnetic application products. With many years of research and development, we continue to develop innovative products that meet market needs, such as the EEPM-PIM series quick mold changing system for the plastic injection industry, and the EPLM-B electro- permanent lifting magnet that combines the concept of electro-permanent magnetic chuck and lifting magnet., EEPG series pitch type electro-permanent magnetic chuck for precision surface grinding operation. 

In addition to standardized products, Earth-Chain can offer customized products for various users. At present, the sales of customized products have exceeded 50% of turnover, which shows Earth-Chain superb magnetic application technology.

In recent years, Earth-Chain has actively integrated CNC machine tools, magnetic clamping system and robotic arms and other automated peripheral devices to provide total solution services to reduce the labor time and operational complexity required for customers in industrial applications and processes. Start a new age of Industry 4.0 smart magnetic automation.

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