FEELER「New Generation, New Choices」Innovation and Upgrade


VMX、FTC-20/350、VBX three major models with efficiency, precision, quality, rigidity and price which fulfill your satisfaction

In 1986, FEELER completed the first state-of-the-art moving column-type vertical machining center. FEELER began to develop the CNC computer numerical control lathe series after receiving high praise from the vertical machining center. As the world's leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools, FEELER is committed to providing customers with high quality, high precision, high rigidity machine tools, and a full range of services.

The best-selling FEELER VMX-1020 with direct-drive spindle

To appreciate customers for their long-term affirmation and support FEELER, FEELER introduces three new-generation upgraded machine tools to meet the needs of different industries. In general milling processing, customers generally purchase belt-type spindle machines to increase the spindle speed. However, they often encounter many obstacles in the use of belt-type spindles, such as efficiency, temperature rise, thermal deformation, and processing roughness problem. Therefore, FEELER introduces the direct-drive spindles model, which not only can greatly reduce the difficulties encountered by the belt-type spindles on the market. It can also take into account the spindle speed and torque output at the same time, and the VMX model series is the best-selling model with a direct-drive spindle.

In the field of heavy milling, a new VBX model has been introduced. The three axes are ultra-wide box way and the base is designed with four box ways. This can greatly enhance the rigidity and stability of the whole machine. It can also be equipped with gear box spindles as option to provide the best solution for heavy milling. 

In the lathe segment, currently, many customers are still equipped with the hydraulic turret in the light and heavy cutting parts market. As the modern machining industry continues to demand higher machining capacity and efficiency, the servo turret will become the future trend, greatly enhancing tool change and machining efficiency, as well as improving positioning accuracy and stability, and reducing environmental pollution caused by the hydraulic turret. All series of FEELER lathes can be equipped with servo turret, providing customers with multiple choices.

Product innovation and enhancement have always been in the DNA of FEELER, and at the same time, we insist on improving the performance and quality of our machines. The three brand-new models will satisfy customers in terms of efficiency, precision, quality, rigidity, and price. FEELER's professional team will assist you in making the most suitable machine models and plan your machining needs. For more detail please call the FEELER service line +886-4-2359-4075.

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