TMTS 2024 Broadening students' horizons and attracting new industry talent


Through TMTS 2024, we provided an in-depth tour of digital transformation and green transformation trends related to the development of the machine tool industry to nearly 1,500 students from higher vocational education and colleges and universities.
In terms of digital transformation, the tour highlighted how the tool and machinery industry has embraced advanced digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), to improve production efficiency, quality control and customer service. The application of these technologies has not only enhanced the competitiveness of the industry, but also created more job opportunities for young people and attracted more talent to enter the field.

On the other hand, in terms of green transformation, the machine tool industry's efforts in sustainable development were highlighted. Through the introduction of innovative technologies such as energy saving and emission reduction technologies, recycling and resource utilisation, the students were shown the machine tool industry's concern for the environment and the machine tool industry's contribution to reducing the consumption of the earth's resources, which also made the students realize that sustainability should be an important consideration for the future development of the industry.
By introducing participating companies and R&D corporations such as HIWIN, FAIR FRIEND, TAIWAN TAKISAWA, YEONG CHIN , SIEMENS, SHE HONG, TUNG PEI, HABOR, WEXTEN, CHIAH CHYUN, KENTURN NANO, POSA, EUMACH, YUAN JUN FONG, BUFFALO, HOLD WELL, PRECISION MOTION, GPM, CHEN SOUND, ROYAL PRECISION, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Smart Machinery, Precision Machinery Research Development Center (PMC), and Ministry of Digital Affairs, etc. , Students not only gained a deeper understanding of the development trend of the tool and machine tool industry, but also a more concrete understanding of their digital transformation and green transformation efforts. We believe this will help stimulate the interest of more young talents to join this key industry.

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