TMTS 2024 Closed Successfully with Nearly 70,000 Visitors

The 8th Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2024), organised by the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Association (TMBA), gathered more than 600 exhibitors and 3,350 booths in Halls 1 and 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Hall for five consecutive days, coming to a perfect close on 31 March.
According to TMBA statistics, the exhibition attracted nearly 70,000 domestic and overseas visitors, including 3,319 foreign buyers from 68 countries/regions, with the top 10 buyers coming from India, Japan, China, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey, and a number of other countries organised buyer groups to visit the exhibition and make purchases.
After the physical exhibition closes, the TMTS 2024 online marketing promotion will continue until March next year. During the show, there were 110,000 visitors from 123 countries. This year, both the physical and digital exhibitions of TMTS were full of people and business opportunities! This year's TMTS received unanimously positive feedback from exhibitors, who said that the influx of international buyers and actual orders placed exceeded their expectations, and estimated that TMTS would generate US$1.5 billion in post-show business opportunities.
The theme of this year's exhibition is "Dual Axis Intelligent Manufacturing", focusing on the ten elements of the two major axes, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX), to respond to the future development trend of the industry. This year's exhibitors used digital technology to achieve efficient production and more accurate machining of machine tools. At the same time, many exhibitors also displayed green and environmentally friendly machine tools and accessories.
In response to the digital transformation of the exhibition theme, the organiser provided mobile phone APP tour function for visitors. Visitors were identified through the mobile phone APP to enter the exhibition, combined with the services of forum registration, transportation connection, exhibitor information and other related information, and during the exhibition period, both Android and Apple's App Store took the No. 1 spot in the business category of popular downloads.
Under the theme of Green Transformation, TMTS effectively reduced carbon emissions through a series of subtle but powerful actions. During the preparation process, videoconferencing and email were used to replace traditional face-to-face communication, and shuttle bus services were planned for the exhibition venue, significantly reducing the environmental impact of transport. The organiser also made extensive use of TMTS APP software and digital media marketing to reduce the use of paper in exhibition literature. Initial estimates suggest that these initiatives have reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25 tonnes, making a significant contribution to green transformation and carbon reduction efficiency.
The "Energy Saving Label for the Machine Tool Industry" evaluation was held for the first time. 18 Golden Label products and 29 Silver Label products were evaluated by professional examiners, and a "Golden Guided Tour" was organised to guide buyers and professionals to the relevant excellent green products.
In addition, the organiser encouraged all exhibitors to take part in the show's carbon reduction initiatives. Among the exhibitors, WINSON MACHINERY, with the concept of zero waste, adopted the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle as the practice of this exhibition, abandoning traditional woodworking materials and instead using recyclable wooden pallets and recycled paper honeycomb boards for decoration, which not only made the exhibition more environmentally friendly, but also encouraged more companies and individuals to join the green transformation. These practices not only make the exhibition more environmentally friendly, but also encourage more companies and individuals to join the green transformation and work together for sustainable development.
As an important event for Taiwan's machine tool industry, it has attracted the attention of domestic and international buyers. The next Taiwan International Machine Tool Show, TMTS, is expected to be held in March 2026 at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. The organisers have indicated that they will introduce more innovative ideas to provide a quality platform for the exhibition and procurement of machine tools and key accessories. For the latest news on TMTS 2026, please visit the official website and social media fan page.




























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