Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Fluidax, iSLIKER MAGNETE, Loc-line, MicroCentric,
Main Product : Fluidax - Low Pressure Spray Equipment. iSLIKER MAGNETE - pull, push, rotate, our solenoids are moving. Loc-Line - the original modular hose system. MicroCentric - Precision Workholding Technology.
Main Product : CNC Lathes, Vertical CNC Lathes, Multi-tasking Turning Center, Vertical Machining Center, 5 Axes Vertical Machining Center, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems
Main Product : Wirecut Electric Discharge Machine(Molybdenum Wire Type), Electric Discharge Machine(ZNC/PNC/CNC Series)
Main Product : Tool Holders, Chucks, Collet Chucks, Collet, Spindle Grippers, Coolant Unions, Gauges, Ultrasonic Toolholder, Hydraulic Chucks
Main Product : IEC induction motor, spindle motor, blower motor, inverter duty motor, Servo Motor with Drive, BLDC motor and drive for Industry & E-Vehicle, E-Vehicle traction module
Administration for Digital Industries, moda
Main Product : As digital technology is a key tool that aids the digital transformation of Taiwan’s industries, the Administration is tasked with the promotion of applications relating to digital competency, helping Taiwan’s industries prepare for challenges and opportunities that come with the era of digital economy to create a new momentum for growth in Taiwan.
Main Product : Finnpower Hose Crimping/cutting Machines. T-Drill collaring/flanging/chipless cutting/spinning machine. CNC profile rolling machine /Stretch bending machine Tube end reducing /expanding machine Tube bending toolings. Tube bender
Main Product : Reverse Osmosis Membrane/ Ultra filtration Membrane/Cutting Fluid membrane/Oil filter membrane/Air compressor filter membrane/Sub-micron gas diffuser membrane.
Main Product : Helicopter Fans Environment Fans Mobile Tank Fan Wall Mounted Tank Fan
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