Digital Transformation
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Main Product : CNC Electric Discharge Machine (Die Sinker), PNC&ZNC Electric Discharge Machine, Dual RAM CNC Electric Discharge Machine, Other EDM CNC Drilling Electric Discharge Machine, DZNC Deep Hole Electric Discharge Machine, Programmable Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Main Product : 5 Axis - CNC Wire-Cut E.D.M. Molybdenum Wire Cut EDM High precision and high efficiency wireless electronic handw intelligent micro drill EDM
Main Product : OCEAN is a leading manufacturer of drilling EDM in Taiwan with more than 22 years’ experience. Our popular models, ZNC Drilling EDM in model RIVER 3 / RIVER 35 / CNC Drilling EDM in model RIVER 300 / RIVER 350 / RIVER 600 have been exporting to Europe, USA, Asia, Mainland China and domestic market with good results.
Main Product : CNC Lathes CNC Milling Machines (Vertical Spindle) CNC Engraving Machines Knee Type Milling Machines Bed Type Milling Machines Machining Centers(Vertical Spindles) Machining Centers(Vertical, Five-Axis) Other Machining Centers CNC EDM(Die-Sinking Type)
Main Product : Electrical Discharge Machine, EDM, EDM Sinker, EDM Drill, Super Drill, Drilling EDM, Spark Erosion, Automatic Production Line
Main Product : Wirecut Electric Discharge Machine(Molybdenum Wire Type), Electric Discharge Machine(ZNC/PNC/CNC Series)
Main Product : knee Type Milling Machine, Bed Type Milling Machine, Milling Machine, Machining Center (Vertical Spindles), High Speed Vertical Machining Center, CNC Milling Machine, Bed Mill Center, EDM, EDM Drills, Lathe, High Speed Lathe, Heavy Duty Lathe, Universal Milling Machine, Machining Center(Vertical, Five-Axis), 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
Main Product : Machine Tool, Machine Tool Accessory, Air Tools
Fluidax, iSLIKER MAGNETE, Loc-line, MicroCentric,
Main Product : Fluidax - Low Pressure Spray Equipment. iSLIKER MAGNETE - pull, push, rotate, our solenoids are moving. Loc-Line - the original modular hose system. MicroCentric - Precision Workholding Technology.
Main Product : Wire Cut EDM, Die-Sinking EDM, Hole Drilling EDM
Main Product : CNC Die-Sinking EDM, Wire-Cut EDM, Hole Drilling EDM, High Speed Milling Machine, Laser Cutting Machines
Main Product : Electric Discharge Machine, Wire cut EDM
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