TMTS 2024 Energy label Promotes Green Transformation of Industries


To meet the challenges of the low-carbon era, TMTS 2024 encourages the development of energy-saving equipment or components through the Green Machine Tool Energy Saving Label Assessment, and many exhibitors have demonstrated their outstanding transformation achievements in the five major areas of energy saving, environmental certification, resource reuse, green supply chain and sustainable product design. Among these, intelligent energy saving is the most prominent, reflecting the theme of TMTS 2024, "Twin-axis Intelligent Manufacturing for a Sustainable Future".

Smart Energy Conservation
Through intelligent technologies such as energy management and automated monitoring systems, we can automate and digitize the production process, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.  WALRUS PUMP will add IoT smart devices and inverter applications to its products to enable customers to achieve energy savings in automated production processes, while HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM will introduce a new torque motor that uses a high-speed magnetic field to increase the motor's speed by 20% to improve energy utilization.

KEYENCE TAIWAN and ACCUTEX TECHNOLOGIES will exhibit related inspection and control systems that apply big data, cloud computing, AI, and other technologies to analyze data and optimize the production process and product quality. Precision nuts and spindle jaws from YINSH PRECISION and BRIGHT JING CHIN MACHINERY are designed to upgrade production lines towards automation by integrating data from various equipment.

AIoT Smart Internet integrates AI artificial intelligence and IoT Internet of Things technology, and applies blockchain to achieve product traceability, which is able to grasp the status of equipment, monitor quality, and enhance the reliability of finished products in real time and effectively. For example, HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES' smart ball screw and TAIWAN SPINFLO's cooler system app can track the status of machine repairs and maintenance cycles at any time through smart internet technology. DA SHIANG AUTOMATION INDUSTRIAL showed a tool management solution in collaboration with ABB robots, which embodies the simulation and optimisation of production processes through digital twinning technology. SHE HONG INDUSTRIAL also introduced the intelligent control system for robot arms, which has greatly improved production efficiency, quality, and safety. Through the smart chip technology of tool holders, MONGTEC PRECISION was able to control the operating status and performance of tool holders using mobile phones.


Environmental Certification

VICTOR TAICHUNG MACHINERY promotes the sustainable transition to net-zero carbon emissions by obtaining ISO 50001 for energy inventory, ISO 14064 for greenhouse gas inventory and ISO 14064 for carbon footprint inventory; FONGEI INDUSTRY plans to obtain ISO 14064-1 2018 and ISO 14067 certifications in Q4 2023 and Q4 2024, respectively, and at the same time initiates the carbon reduction target of 3%~5% on an annual basis. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 3%~5% per year. By applying vacuum technology to this process, VINCENT VACUUM-TECH is able to realize an environmentally friendly part of the process, reducing heat loss and energy consumption; and by reducing metal oxidation in a vacuum environment, the pickling process can be eliminated, thus realizing an environmentally friendly process. Through the accreditation of qualified inspection organizations, the target manufacturers have established an environmental management system to jointly build a green supply chain.


Resource Recycling and Reuse

IGUS TAIWAN launched the ECO product line, which uses recycled materials for bearings and actively recycled old plastic cable drag chains to achieve product recycling. CHAIN HEADWAY reduces packaging materials, takes stock of the quality of packaging materials, examines the materials, and uses recyclable materials for reuse. Tool regrinding not only saves the cost of expensive tools but is also environmentally friendly. However, the original universal tool grinder requires high-level technicians to operate and has a high threshold for use, but TAIWAN MORE-CASH VILLAGE's drilling machine directly solves all the problems and realizes the environmental protection goals of green transformation and carbon reduction.


Green Supply Chain

Through digital ID, YUAN JUN FONG CASTING records all castings from raw material, casting, processing, and heat treatment, and converts them into a carbon footprint inventory.  Working with green suppliers to promote green product manufacturing, which in turn promotes the green transformation of the entire supply chain. SKF TAIWAN's SKF RecondOil enables the recycling of industrial lubricants by combining SKF's patented Dual Separation Technology (DST) with high-performance lubricants to extend lubricant life almost indefinitely. BAUTAI LEE'S oil mist recycling machine has high efficiency, low power consumption and low consumables know-how, and is equipped with three major filtration systems that can extend the life of filter drums and reduce the generation of consumables and waste from filter drums. It meets the needs of customers in terms of electricity cost and performance, solves the pollution of oil, mist, smoke, and dust generated from the machining process of turning, milling, and grinding, and brings a more stable and efficient production environment for automation factories, pushing the manufacturing industry towards a smarter and more sustainable future.


Sustainable Product Design

The copper worm gears adopted by DETRON MACHINE increase the wear rate by 260%, which significantly reduces the wear of internal components, increases the service life of products, and achieves product sustainability. HC FENG designed the cutting fluid purification and regeneration treatment equipment, which can effectively extend the service life of the cutting fluid. All products are designed to reduce environmental impact through sustainable product design. One of FFANTASY GRINDING ENGINEERING's products can reduce the burden on river and sewage treatment plants, reduce the use of detergents and coolants, and reduce the physical burden on operators, making it an environmentally and human friendly product. GUANG DAR MAGNET saves electricity by using GLI, GLII and GLIW permanent magnetic discs, which are self-magnetizing once energized. These discs do not require continuous power supply, reduce carbon emissions, do not generate heat on the disc surface and have high machining accuracy.

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