JIUH-YEH PRECISION MACHINERY The way to become Intelligent Machinery


In the field of high efficiency manufacturing, precision machining is the key component.
We JIUH-YEH are proud to presenting our CNC milling machine, which is not just a equipment but also an invaluable assistant for your business.

High Efficiency production

Our CNC MACHINE can be equipped advanced automation features that increase production efficiency. Whether it is small batch production or large-scale manufacturing, we can satisfy multiple production condition to ensure on-time delivery.

Excellent accuracy

Based on years of assembly experience, our products ensure precision and consistency in every part. No matter how complex your needs are, we can accurately satisfy your design requirements.

Multifunctional application

Flexible design makes our CNC machines suitable for machining a variety of materials and shapes. Whether it is metal, plastic or other special materials, it can be easily handled.

Easy to operate

The user-friendly operating interface enables you to easily master the machine. Even beginners can get started quickly and operate efficiently.

The Millstar Horizontal milling machine combines an unmanned production line with a remote intelligent monitoring system, applying unmanned trucks to the traditional machinery industry. The operating status of the machine can be monitored in real time, thereby realizing FMS systematic production.

Choosing JIUH-YEH is the optimal choice for pursuing excellence and enhancing efficiency. Let's work together to create an efficient future in manufacturing! Moving towards the ideal of smart machine industrialization!
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