Taiwan Machine Tools Showcase Sustainable Attitude at Hanover EMO 2023


Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builder’s Association (TMBA) and its 144 members are traveling to Hannover, Germany, from 18 to 23 September to participate in EMO Hannover 2023, a biennial machine tool event that attracts nearly 2,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and visitors from 160 countries worldwide. In addition to demonstrate the latest technologies and promoting exchanges among exhibitors, the organizer, VDW, has adopted the theme of "The Future" to explore trends in business, connectivity, sustainability, and production technologies, as well as NET ZERO and sustainable development issues.

 The exhibition was attended by 144 Taiwan machine tool and accessory builders, included Awea Mechantronic, Qinghong Machinery, Fair Friend Enterprise, Goodway Machine Corp, Habor Precise Industries, HIWIN Technologies, Kao Fong Machinery, Quaser Machine Tools, Tongtai Machine & Tool, Victor Taichung, and Yeong Chin Machinery, etc....

 Apart from members' participation in EMO Hannover 2023, TMBA also organized three study groups to visit the factory network system of Mercedes-Benz, which combines intelligent robots, big data, and virtual reality (VR). They also visit the laser technology of TRUMPF, the leading brand of German agricultural machinery LEMKEN, and igus, who improve the digital innovation revolution.

 TMBA received a grant from the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BFT) to assist Taiwan's machine tool industry to promote their image during EMO exhibition. TMBA also seize the opportunity to promote Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)2024, which will be held in next March in Taipei.

 Furthermore, the chairman of TMBA, Patrick Chen, was invited to participate in a press conference organized by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) as a panelist to share his views on three major topics: sustainable development, the trend of intelligent robot cooperation, and transformation and innovative application solutions.

 In the second day afternoon of the EMO, Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builder’s Association and Taiwan External Trade Development Council held a seminar on the theme of "Digital Transformation X Green Transformation". Three companies share their topics respectively: Hiwin Technologies - "Smart and Green Manufacturing Solutions", Quaser Machine Tools - "Mr. Q's Embedded Technology", and Tongtai Machine & Tool - "TT Group Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions". TMBA chairman Patrick Chen also shared his insight and practical experience on the issue "Green Sustainability x - Intelligent Manufacturing: Net Zero Emissions and Digital Transformation".

 The conference echoed EMO's theme of sustainability, replacing linear economy with circular economy. Through technological process improvement, smart manufacturing and digitalization, EMO will provide innovative products to help customers save energy and reduce carbon emissions and transform their business development model to face the challenge of the 2050 net zero carbon emission target.

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