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Leadrank Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diamond grinding wheel and abrasive material. Our business model "Quality is the foundation and the service ensure development." We provide the principles of "excellent quality, best prices, excellent service" and implementing the customers.

Leadrank Co., Ltd. has grinding, polishing, cutting, drilling, and deburring tools which can fall into two broad categories.

1. Super abrasives, Diamond & CBN Tools
Application for Diamond wheel: Tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, ceramic, cast iron, quartz, glass, wafer, graphite, gemstone, cement, etc.
Application for CBN wheel: High speed steel HSS, hot and cold working steel SKD11, SKH, SCM, stainless steel SUS, Titanium SUH, cast iron.
Diamond & CBN products:
Diamond wheel, CBN wheel, Diamond cloth, Diamond belt, Core drill, Cutting disc, End mill, Diamond mounted wheel, Diamond powder, Diamond compound, Diamond brush, etc.

2. Aluminum oxide wheel and Silicon carbide wheel
Application for Aluminum oxide wheel: Variety of steel products, heat treated steel, tool steel, special steel…, etc.
Application for Silicon carbide wheel: Tungsten carbide, super hard alloy, ceramic, glass, quartz, gemstone, copper, aluminum…, etc.
Grinding wheel, Oil stone, Mounted wheel, Sponge wheel, Rubber polishing wheel, Non-woven, Abrasive paper, Polishing resin wheel, etc.

Diamond & CBN Tools include resin, metal, vitrified and electroplated bond. For Aluminum oxide wheel and Silicon carbide wheel, including surface grinding, Tools grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Centerless grinding wheel, Mounted wheel, etc..Products are wildly applied in machine, molds, cutting tools, ceramic, glass, automotive components, compressor parts, etc.

Leadrank Co., Ltd. based on reliable quality, equality and mutual benefit, timely delivery and reasonable prices to serve our customers throughout. We also customize for customers' demands and provide all kinds of product information and technical advisory services. We welcome the mutual cooperation to create a win-win situation.

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