FORTWORTH Best choice for Milling and Boring Machine



FORTWORTH has been building precision Milling and Boring Machine over 30 years.

The machine is built with roughing and finishing in mind to meet the customers' needs. 

All moving Axes are encoded with Heidenhain glass scales and angle ecoders using a closed loop system to ensure high accuracies. 

All castings are made from Mehanite to ensure a stable machine foundation. To further ensure stability a T-frame design is used for the base with extra leveling screws and jacks to accommodate for heavy roughing and finishing machining. 

The machine also has the added featured option to have coolant thru spindle for the ease of drilling deep holes.

FORWORTH machines are used for many industries, such as oil & mining industry, mechanical parts, tooling machine parts, auto parts and mold processing …etc. 

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