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For more than 30 years, Habor have done the effort in new development and technology innovation of temperature control and cooling system, we provide reliable and high-quality products because each new product is tested and verified according to individual use conditions and application. With rich experience of business in global market, Habor provide customized products, mass production and entire range of industrial cooling solution to resolve the heating problem generated in manufacturing process.

For Industry 4.0 area with smart equipment and smart manufacturing, HABOR strives to technology innovation of intelligent control system, such as use of multi-sensor, energy-saving management, predictive protection and customized control systems, etc.

HIG series   

HIG series of Habor cooler has the features of High-accuracy, Intelligent-control and Green-cooler, which is developed and designed for high-end technical requirement and smart manufacturing process. The HIG cooler can be used for remote setting and monitoring for real-time and visual management, and has the function of predictive maintenance. Customer can analyze cooler’s performance and quality status by the data collected from controller, which can be used for the plan of maintenance and service to avoid downtime and waste, also can be used for the reference of improvement police.

HIG cooler features
1. Quick temperature compensation for high accuracy ±0.01K control.
2. DC inverter compressor motor with the latest IPM magnet.
3. Remote setting and monitoring.
4. Energy-level management
5. Predictive maintenance & working life detection
6. Use of Multi-Sensor
7. Ethernet communication protocol
8. Less refrigerant use to reduce GWP value
9. Use of Micro-channel condenser can reduce the refrigerant filling.
10. Use DC fan motor to improve energy efficiency
11. Easy service by modularized inverter control unit
12. Compact size can reduce the space occupied by cooler unit

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