TMTS 2024テーマは「DX & GX サステナブルな未来」


Taiwan's machine tool industry has always been famous for its excellent technology and high quality. To promote industrial development and international cooperation, the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA) will host the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) at TaiNEX hall 1&2 will host the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS). In response to the development trend of the industry, the theme of this exhibition is "DX & GX for a Sustainable Future".

TMTS2024 will run for 5 days and will showcase the latest technologies and products of Taiwan's machine tool industry, attracting renowned domestic and overseas companies and professional buyers to visit and negotiate. The exhibition venues include TaiNEX hall 1&2. The total exhibition area of the two exhibition halls is nearly 80,000 square metres, and the scale of the exhibition is huge and exciting.

As the organiser, TMBA not only provides an excellent exhibition platform, but also offers exhibitors and visitors a high-quality exhibition experience. This exhibition is an excellent opportunity for Taiwan's machine tool industry to engage in in-depth exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts, and further enhance the international influence and competitiveness of Taiwan's machine tool industry.

The theme of the TMTS 2024 exhibition is "DX & GX for a Sustainable Future". related products and solutions.

Five elements of digital transformation will be on display, including 1. Smart Manufacturing, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, AIoT, Digital Twin / Human-Machine Collaboration, and Blockchain Technology. Through these technologies, production process automation, data analysis, production data management and application can be realised to improve production efficiency and quality.

Meanwhile, the five elements of green transformation include Smart Energy Conservation, Environmental Certification, Resource Recycling and Reuse, Green Supply Chain and Sustainable Product Design. These elements can help companies achieve green production, reduce energy consumption, reduce resource waste and promote green transformation of the entire supply chain, thereby achieving the goal of sustainable development.

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