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Product Description : Capacitive switches with touch sensor technology The first capacitive switches with touch sensor technology from CAPTRON were used in 1994 for public transportation. Today, CAPTRON offers a wide range of capacitive SENSORswitches for various industries and applications where unconditional reliability, durability, comfort and design are required. If necessary, SENSORswitches from the standard range can be tailored and modified optically and technically to meet individual customer demands.
Product Description : ST-1500MC is equipped with ATC system & CNC rotary table and is suitable for drilling coolant channels, injection channels and milling- pockets on big plastic molds. The max. drilling length is 1500mm.
Product Description : XYZ axes travel: 500x400x185mm (20"x16"x7") inch U axis travel: 300mm (12") inch Z axis single travel: 400 mm (16") inch Work table: 800x450 mm (31"x18") inch Max. Workpiece: 1250x650x390 mm (49"x26"x15") inch Max. Workpiece weight: 1400 kg Max. Electrode weight: 185 kg Machine net weight: 2100 kg Oil level: 110-360 mm (4"-14") inch Packing Size(LxWxH):2340x2320x2500 mm (92"x91"x98") inch Work Table to platen: 1. Z axis single travel: 230-630 mm (9"x25") inch 2. UZ axis: 230-715 mm (9"x28") inch Filter: 1 Paper filter:2 Capacity:550 Liters Machine Features > Windows CE controller > A dialog window with picture description. > Special repaired frames to quicken the maintenance speed. > Close-loop design of digital feedback on three axes of the machine significantly increases positioning precision and ORBIT-CUT machining accuracy and efficiency. > Simple operation interface. > Common function keys are located on the operational panel for direct use. > Hot key setting. > ATC (automatic tool change) and C-axis 360° index can be installed; the process of coarse machining to ultra-fine machining can be completed at one time. > Dialogue diagram provides various hole-expanding modes such as quick search of edge, centers and datum marks. > Rich color graphic (the same resolution as a PC screen). > Automatic multi-step machining (coarse, medium coarse, medium fine, fine, superfine)—up to 10 steps. > Unlimited number of machining conditions can be saved as machining archives. Each set of machining conditions can be edited, modified or stored. They are easy to edit and easy to find. > Automatic origin search and multi-point coordinate memory capability. > 1/2 design capability, ARC automatic discharge waveform detection and automatic adjustment. > Automatic center position detection, automatic compensation, search of hole center and deepest point; fixed hole machining (cyclic mode, independent mode), which is suitable for different machining conditions; Radial, circular, square, linear (vector), coning, 45° hole-expanding machining. > Three-axis beeline, two-axis arc, three-axis helix. > Chinese/English versions interface, metric/British system switch and Z-axis quick up, quick down, slow up and slow down capability. > Lateral machining, three axes, six directions (plane rotation). > All alarms describe the source, date and exact time of problem occurrence. > Optical scale is applied for close-loop position control, enabling extreme position for machining. > Automatic editing—settings can be done according to type of material, work piece size, machining depth, one side die clearance, final current and rate of electrode wear. > CNC models possess conventional capability of consistent level of energy discharge, achieving stable and rapid machining and smooth high quality on machining surface while the rate of electrode wear is still low. > Monitor page indicates machining path and orbital pattern in use.
Product Description : High precision, durability, stability electronic torque wrench, torque range of 0.1~1000 Nm, accuracy guaranteed ±1%, MIT, Japanese specifications wafer can use 20 years. Factory measured 100000 times to lock still keep high precision. Suitable for metal machine tool, controller & computer system, precision industry, high tech & electronic industry, quality assurance & manufacturing dep. |Tube Material:Medium carbon steel|Grip Material:ABS|Series: Standard Electronic Torque Wrenches, Mini Digital Torque Wrenches, Digital Torque Adapters, Open-ended Insert tools
Product Description : Designed by Optically Isolated for Noise Immunity and Long Distance Signal Transmission Accepts 4 Channels Signal input
Bay Union Abrasive Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Description : 工件材質 :SCM、SKD、複合材料等。
Product Description : 1. This machine is designed for internal and external shaving of round tubes. 2. The center line of the processed object and the insert head is accurate. 3. The clamping die and the insert head are designed to be uniform, and the work piece can be processed uniformly at one time. 4. The insert head is specially designed, the blade is standardized, and the adjustment tool is simple and fast. 5. Feeding by manual, automatic advance and retreat blade, fast speed, suitable for material steel pipe, iron pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe, non-metal material and carbon fiber pipe. 6. The machine is randomly matched with the multiple clamp, which can be applied to different pipe diameters, saving time and cost for replacing the clamp.
Product Description : High Speed Cutting Bar Fine Boring System
Product Description : 1.Both cutting TAP and forming TAP are suitable. 2.Fully automatic machine so a person can operate many machines. 3.Gear-pitch type auto. tapping will get a precise & accurate thread for finished workpiece. 4.It can option to add inverter or use servo motor to control the spindle speed. 4. Especially suitable for light workpiece.
Product Description : ★Moving column structure : The M-shaped structure increases anti bend and anti-torsion of the column The counter-weight is supported by the pneumatic cylinder. The shape of the column is similar to the pyramid to increase the stability for moving. ★One piece base structure : The rigidity of structure is good. The outer shape is not complicated, it is easy for machining. The internal structure adopts the box type design to increase the bearing capacity.The round shape hole is easy to clear sand and increase force flow. The work tableadopts the high and low rail design to increase the rigidity. ★Rotary spindle head structure: Reduce the interference machining area. ★Modular design : By changing the column head of the column, etc., the customer can have a variety of opportunities to choose from. ★Turning and milling function(OPT) Shorten the product manufacturing process. To improve the production efficiency, accuracy and reduce the clamping times and floor space. It can be used in aerospace parts and medical equipment precision molds.
Product Description : Large Diameter Boring System, the boring range Ø160~Ø1110.
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