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Product Description : 2080/3080 is designed and developed based on Matrix’s experience of many years in gear cutting tool manufacturing. WT-2080 is built on a base of a highly rigid, high quality cast iron to perform with pin point accuracy. 2080/3080 applies the most advanced technologies available around the globe. With Fanuc CNC controller, a direct drive motor, a linear motor and servo motors, 2080/3080 is able to deliver the accuracy, reliability and precision for double lead grinding, tapper thread grinding, single flank grinding, dual pressure angle grinding, plug thread gage, rolling die, crusher roller, etc. Matrix has developed its own Windows-based software program for 2080/3080. Using an advanced Windows-based, user-oriented interface, 2080/3080 can generate and archive practically infinite number of different profiles and grind/ dressing cycles easily by data input. The flexible dresser can profile the grinding wheels for standard worms, as well as profile the multi-rib grinding wheels for thread grinding with tip and root modifications. 2080/3080 can also grind pump rotors. We highly recommend 2080/3080 for your worm and thread grinding applications.
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Product Description : ▎Use Value reduce the CNC machine failure rate , processing non-performing rate. ▎Water and Coolant Saving. ▎Reduce the cost of CNC mechanical downtime and personnel operations. ▎Maintain the tank liquid caoacity , reduce the temperature rise.
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Product Description : a. Through UE80CG, easy to operate. b. It's flexibility.Not only use UE80CG but also use original G code on Mitsubishi controller. c. Quickly set coordinate on "Easy set" function, it can reduce error form human operation. d. It doesn't use G code to edit wheel's sharp,use drawing type to edit wheel's sharp.
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