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Product Description : SHARK equipment is fitted with new technology torches; SHARK power sources represent an efficient solution for the cutting of any metal and perforated lamination sheets; SHARK range new SK torches for manual cutting and SKM for CNC automation allow cuts without high frequency for arc striking, thus reducing external disturbances to the environment; SHARK power sources, powerful and fitted with professional high flow air circuit, ensure perfect cuts.
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Product Description : You won’t believe your eyes. <Featured> ■Crystal Lens Technology. ■Brightness level 2.0. ■Shade levels 4 to 12. <Industries> ●Elektrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW). ●MIG/MAG (GMAW). ●GMAW High melting rate process. ●Flux Cored Wire Welding. ●TIG Welding (GTAW). ●Plasma Arc Welding. ●Micro Plasma Arc Welding. ●Plasma Cutting. ●Gas Welding. ●Grind Mode. BASE AUTOMATION PTE. LTD. specializes in the sales of imported welding consumables and equipment; provides welding automation equipment integration and welding technology solutions; please contact us if you have any needs. E-mail:
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