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Product Description : The press machine is applicable for mass productions such as leveling silicon lamination, PVC cropping, inference fit, forming, punching, riveting, bending, and burr removing etc. • The four-column design with a linear guide bushing provides smooth operations. Besides, the working area and its height can be adjusted according to requirement of customers. • The photoelectric sensor provides a securer working environment. In addition to that, up-down operations require both hands push startbuttons simultaneously, which makes sure that operator is in a secure situation. • The advance-designed hydraulic circuit can reduce electric power consumption while the machine is standby. The machine provides stabilities such as low noise and low-horsepower requirement. • Output, speed, and stroke for the hydraulic cylinder are adjustable. The uplimit switch, the low-speed/high-ressure switch, and the down-limit switch are adjustable too.
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