Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : 1. Rotary Table, Dividing Head, Hydraulic Machine Vise, Angle Vise, 4&5 Axis Self Centering Vise, MC Power Vise, Clamping Kit, Ground Parallels_x000D_ 2.Punch Former, Tool Makers Vise, Sine Vise, EDM Vise, Demagnetizer, Magnetic Tools_x000D_ 3. Collet Chuck System, Collet, Collet Holder,Pull Studs, Keyless Chucks, Boring Head , Height Presetter_x000D_ 4. NC Live Center, 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck, Soft Jaw_x000D_ 5. Drill Grinder, End Mill Grinder
Victor Taichung
Main Product : CNC Lathe, Machining Center, Plastics Injecting Molding Machine, Casting Parts, Sheet Metals
Main Product : 1.High Presure T esting 2.Rim Geometry Me asuring 3.Ru n o u t M e a s u r i n g 4.Rim Profile Measuring Machine
Vincent Vacuum-Tech
Main Product : 1. Vacuum heat treatment furnace 2. Vacuum burner 3. Vacuum sintering furnace
Main Product : Double Column Machining Center (Vertical, 5-axis), Double Column Vertical Machining Center (Gross Rail Type), Moving Column Machining Center (Vertical, 5-axis), Gantry Type Machining Center (Vertical, 5-axis), 5-axis Gantry Type Machining Center With Turning Function, 5-axis Gantry type Composite Material Machining Center, 5-axis Milling & Turning Universal Machining Center, 5-axis Ultrasonic Machining Center, Horizontal Boring and Milling Machining Center, Horizontal Turning Machining Center
Main Product : The extensive experience and competence from over 110 years of tool processing and maintenance is culminated in five business units:rotary tools,circular saws, metal-cutting band saws, as well as the services division,which provides tailor-made services for all disciplines.Owing to the growing importance of digitalisation, in the future VOLLMER will combine digital solutions in a new product area.
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