Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Carbide Slitting Saw, HSS Slitting Saw
Main Product : Carbide Roll Form Taps, Carbide Cutting Taps, Carbide Spiral flutes Taps, Carbide Thread Cutting Dies, Thread Mills, Thread Cutter, Thread Tap Chaser, Thread Dies Chaser
Main Product : umati (universal machine technology interface), the global initiative for open communication interfaces for the machine building industries and their customers. Machine builders, software producers, component suppliers, and users unite in a strong community to promote the use of open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA companion specifications.
Main Product : Parts Washer,Hot Air Generator,Air circulating batch oven,Spring tester
Economic Daily News
Main Product : Trade Magazine, B2B platform, Newspaper, News, Exhibition, Activities
Main Product : Industrial Adhesives, Lubricants and Dispensing Equipment
Balance Systems / RENISHAW /Mitsubishi
Main Product : RENISHAW: Authorized Distributor, Balance Systems: Solution for Grinding Machine, Mitsubishi Electric: CNC Control and Robot
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