Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : HABOR_ DC inverter cooler specified for high precision manufacturing Habor HIG series is a DC inverter cooler integrated with inverter control and smart IoT technology to support machineries with energy management to reduce energy cost up to 60%. Thanks to upgrade of new generation Low-GWP refrigerant, Habor cooler reduce carbon emission of cooing system up to 70%.
Main Product : ArmaCoil, HeliCoil, HjtCoil, ACME, BOLLHOFF, E-Z LOK
Main Product : Water-based cutting fluids, neat cutting oils, base oils, rust preventive oils, slideway oils, hydraulic oils, and so on.
Main Product : 自 1951 年以來,瀚柏格公司一直致力於研發和製造用於銑削、車削和磨削的高精度工件夾具。 身為硫化橡膠夾固頭的發明者,瀚柏格是現代夾持解決方案的先驅與領導者。 瀚柏格提供的產品包括旋轉類卡盤、芯軸、靜止類卡盤、快速更換系統和自動化解決方案。 HAINBUCH focuses on process-optimizing solutions for set-up, clamping, measurement and automation. The product portfolio includes products, such as chucks, mandrels, stationary chucks, quick change-over systems as well as automation solutions.
Main Product : Machine Hardware Accessories, In addition to providing standard parts for industry such as: crank handles, adjustable hand levers, revolving handles, adjustable handles, handwheels, knurled nuts , hand knobs, indexing plungers, indicating rulers, lock accessories and hinge accessories , we also offer customization service for buyers’ need.
Main Product : Boring Spindle, Milling Spindle, Drilling Spindle Unit, Tapping Spindle Unit, Hydraulic Slide, NC Servo Slide, Built-in Spindle, Facing Head Spindle, Auto Tool Changer Spindle, CNC machine spindle
Hantop Intelligence Technology
Main Product : HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module is developed as a cost-effective solution for advanced materials machining. A module set contains a type of tool holder, ultrasonic driver, power transmitter and control panel. Available tool holder spec. BT30,BT40,HSKE40,HSKE32, HSKE25,HSKA63,CAT40 At present, we have provided more than 300 sets of USM to the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan,etc
Main Product : HAWK Zero Point Systems,HAWK Speed Drill Cutter, HAWK End Mill Cutter, HAWK Cutter for Face Milling, HAWK Drill Cutter, Other Tool, Cutters and Accessories
Main Product : Hydraulic power unit, hydraulic system, valve and components. Mobile system and components.
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