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G-TECH Instruments Inc.
Main Product : Novian: 4-128 Channel noise and vibration analyzer, Impaq Elite: 4 Channel Signal Analyzer , Fieldpaq II: 2 Channel handheld dynamic signal analyzer, HJ-4250S-A: Balancing Machine, ST-4800A/B: High Speed Rotor Soft Bearing Balancing Machine, vPod Vibration Meter, LION Spindle Error Analyzer, IBS 5-Axis Machine Tool Calibration, VimoNet X1: 1-Ch Predictive Maintenance Machine Vibration Monitoring, VimoNet X4: 4-Ch Predictive Maintenance Machine Vibration Monitoring/ FFT Analyzer, ThermoMax 8 Machine Temperature Monitoring and Distortion Compensation, ArmourG Collision Detection for Machining and Robotic Automation, STDM Machine Tool & Spindle Thermal Drift Measuring System, LION TARGA III Dynamic Runout System
Main Product : Knee Type Milling Machine, CNC High Speed Machining Center, CNC High Speed 5-axes Machining Center, Gantry Type CNC 5-Axes Machining Center, Graphite CNC Machining Center, CNC Machining Center (Vertical & Horizontal Spindles)、BAND SAW MACHINE
Main Product : Riveting machine for metal sheet industry used, especially for PEM Series Nuts, bolts and FHS.
Main Product : Automatic Tool Changer、Milling Head
Main Product : Modular Clamping System, Zero-point system, self-centring vise., Punch Former, Punch Grinder, Tool Maker Vise, Wire Cut EDM Vise, Magnetic Tools, Milling Vise, Rotary Table, Indexer, Dividing Head, Measuring Tools, Lathe Accessories, 3-Jaw Chucks, Shank, Arbor, ER Collets, Diamond Tools, Air Tapping Machine, Universal Arm Magnetic Base, Air Grinder, Parallel Vise, Vise in Row,
Weiss spindle, JTEKT koyo bearing
Main Product : Weiss precision spindle, JTEKT koyo precision beaqring
SUZHOU GUTIAN automation technology CO,.LTD
Main Product : Production and sales of NC machine tools and automation equipment core function components. Our main products include cam NC rotary table, cam lathe tool turret, cam ATC magazine, ATC mechanism, and cam indexer.
Main Product : Water-Proof LED Light, Water-Proof Halogen, Water-Proof Fluorescent Tubular, Multi-functional Anti-Vibration LED Signal Light
Main Product : Spot Welder, Wire Mesh Welding Machine, Various Spot Welder
Main Product : Heavy Duty Lathes, CNC Lathes, CNC Vertical Lathes, CNC Tourning and Milling Center, Lathes, Swiss Type, Machining Centers(Vertical Spindles), CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines, Other Auxiliaries and Equipments for Factory Automation, CNC Grinding Machines(Cylindrical), CNC Grinding Machines(Internal)
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