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Main Product : 專賣小型傳統車銑床、CNC客制化車銑床 機車、汽車、開發工作室、周邊商品修改小零件設計
Main Product : Shaft, Slide Bearing, Linear Guide Way, Twin Parallel Shaft Guide Way, Ball Screw, Coupling, Precision Stage, Universal joint, Cross Roller Way, Bearings, Linear Motor
Main Product : Compact Slewing Ring、High precision slewing Ring
Main Product : Electric Chain Hoist, Wire Rope Hoist, winch, crane
Main Product : Mainly engaged in 3D printing and scanning equipment sales and printing service. SLS 3D printing solution, SLA 3D printing solution, Automation Ecosystem, 3D scanner, etc.
Main Product : CNC Control Cabinet, CNC Operation Panel, PCB Relay Module, PCB I/O Module, PCB Interface Module, PCB I/F Module, LED Luminaries for Machines Tools, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems, Material Handing Systems and related equipment, CIM, Robots for Material Handing, Mobile Platforms, Transport Mechanism, Image,Vision Module
China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association
Main Product : CMTBA follows the basic tenets of vindicating the common interest of whole industry and promoting the industrial development. Its basic function is “providing service, reflecting demands, and regulating conducts”. It serves as bridges among the government, domestic & overseas enterprises and the end users, and coordinates domestic enterprises in self-discipline.
Main Product : 5 Axis Vises, Self-Centering Vises, CNC Vises, Precision Vises, Powerful Vises, Pneumatic Vises, Permanent Magnetic Vises, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks , Magnetic Lifters, CNC Tombstones, Precision Index Tables, Dividers, Dividing Heads, Rotary Tables, Quick Mold Change System, and other Milling Machine Accessories
Main Product : Spindles, Accessories for Milling Machine, Accessories for Grinding Machine
Taiwan Fluid Power Association
Main Product : Taiwan Fluid Power Directory.
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