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Main Product : R & D and design of cutting tools
Yuan Jun Fong Casting Co., LTD
Main Product : Casting
Main Product : Electrical Discharge Machine, EDM, EDM Sinker, EDM Drill, Super Drill, Drilling EDM, Spark Erosion, CNC Milling, Machining Center, Auto producing line
Main Product : Magnetic Tools, Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Table, Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Electromagnetic Chuck, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Main Product : Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Taps, Thread Cutting Tools, Planetary Screw Assemblies
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table, 5 Axes Tilting Rotary Table, Automatic Pallet Change System, DDM Rotary Table
Main Product : One gantry robot integrated one CNC lathe One gantry robot integrated two CNC lathes One gantry robot intergrated one CNC machining center Six axis robot integrated one CNC machining center 1 to 1 Gantry robot 1 to 2 Gantry robot Grippers and flipping device CNC lathe with linear rails CNC lathe with hardened box way CNC lathe with hardened box way and Y axis CNC Machining Center
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