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Main Product : THINKSO is a company specializing in the design of sheet metal chassis, integrated many talented designers and experts. We are the only company who has a professional metal sheet engineering crew in the industry, also has a complete dominance in design and construct. THINKSO fully meet the optimization of metal sheet chassis, helping customers to build their brand recognition.
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Main Product : Boring Spindle. Tapping machine.Drilling machine., Riveting machine.Servo Tap&Drill unit ., leveling machine .Multiple-spindle heads
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Main Product : 1.Precision Machine Manufacturing。2.Connector、Waterproof Connector。3.Precision Molds、Powder Metallurgy Parts。4.Auto Controller、Wiring Assembly。5.Wireless Communication、Powder Metallurgy Parts。6.Medical Equipment、Health Care。7.Logistics Channel Product Agent。
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Main Product : Mechanical and hydraulic forging presses, friction and electric drive screw presses, trimming presses for shearing forged pieces, knuckle joint presses. Set up in 1969, Mecolpress supply machines from 8.000 kN to over 10.000 kN for special projects. The company also offers complete forging lines including bar sawing, graphitizing, heating furnaces, hand-operatedor automatic trimming presses
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Main Product : mechanical press, stamping press, power press, punch press, precision press, forging press, high speed press, cold forming press, cold forging press, knuckle joint press, link motion press, c-frame press, straight-side press, knuckle joint press with link motion drive
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