Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Machine Tool, Machine Tool Accessory, Air Tools
Main Product : CNC tool grinder, drill bit re-sharpener, end mill re-sharpener, screw tap re-sharpener, lathe tool grinder, saw blade sharpener, universal cutter grinder, universal tool grinder, chamfer, tapping machine, vise, magnetic drill machine, sucker, permanent lifting, and so on.
Main Product : Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, End Mill Grinder, Universal Drill & Tap Grinder, Engraving Tool Grinder, Tool Holder Maintenance & Polish Machine, Precision Spindle Polishing Machine, PCD Tool Grinder, CNC Tool Grinder
Main Product : Centerless Grinder, Cylinderical Grinder, Surface Grinder, Center Hole Grinder, Internal Grinder, CNC Grinding Complex Machine, Surface Grinder Easy Series, Universal Grinding Machine、Vertical Grinder、Double-Sided Fine Grinders
Main Product : Cylindrical Grinder, Internal Grinder, Universal Circular Grinder
Main Product : The extensive experience and competence from over 110 years of tool processing and maintenance is culminated in five business units:rotary tools,circular saws, metal-cutting band saws, as well as the services division,which provides tailor-made services for all disciplines.Owing to the growing importance of digitalisation, in the future VOLLMER will combine digital solutions in a new product area.
Main Product : Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Internal Grinding Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, Center Hole Grinding Machine, CNC Double Spindle Grinding Machine, CNC Plunge & Angular Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Vertical Grinding Machine, CNC Thread Grinding Machine
Main Product : Double Column Grinding Machine, Production CNC Grinder, Vertical Grinding Cente, Linear Motor Drive Grinder, Nano Precision Hydrostatic CNC Grinder, Surface and Profile CNC Grinder, CNC Slicing Grinder, Fully Auto Surface Grinder, Semi-automatic Grinder, Manual Grinder, Vertical Machining Centers, Vertical Turning Lathes, Multi-Function CNC Lathes, Horizontal Turning Machines
Main Product : Grinding Machine, Universal Grinding Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Internal Grinding Machine, Vertical Composite Grinding Machine, NC Grinding Machine, NC Centerless Grinding Machine, NC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, NC Internal Grinding Machine, CNC Grinding Machine, CNC Centerless Grinding Machine,_x000D_ CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, CNC Internal Grinding Machine, CNC Vertical Composite Grinding Machine
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