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Main Product : Gear hobbing machine, gear power skiving machine, gear grinding machine, gear honing machine, rack milling machine, rack grinding machine, broaching machine, hard broaching machine, Full tasks muti-axis machining center, gear hob, gear milling cutter, diamond dressing roller, high precision gear work fixture, hydraulic expand work fixture, power nut, power screw, couplings, safety couplings, motor spindle protector
Anderson Group
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Main Product : Drilling Machines、Milling and Boring Machines、Grinding Machines、Machining Centers、Spindles、Manufacturing and Storage Systems
Studer, Mikrosa, Schaudt, Blohm Jung, Drake, TTB, SAACKE, CemeCon, Klingelnberg, ESCO, Traub, Index
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Main Product : Universal Grinding machine, Gear Measuring machine, Gear cutting/Grinding machine, Tool Grinding machine, Turning machine, Cable, Cable Chain, cooling, 3D printer, oil mist separator, Wastewater treatment equipment, Automated storage system
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Main Product : A Full Range of Precision Tool Machine, Grinding Machine and All Kinds of Precision Measuring Instruments of US and Europe Brand. With the raise of manufacturing quality, Full Bright represents various measuring machine:_x000D_ .Cylindrical-grinders from Hardinge Group (KELLENBERGER, Switzerland)._x000D_ .Jig-grinders form Hardinge Group (HAUSER, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Universal ID/OD grinding tool form Hardinge Group (VOUMARD, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Precision grinding tools (Meister, DIAMETAL, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Magnetic filtration (Eclipse Magnetics, UK)_x000D_ .Liquid Tool (MERCOOL, Germany)_x000D_ .High-quality Coordinate Measuring Machine form HEXAGON METROLOGY GROUP (with the “Brown & Sharpe – DEA- LEITZ-LEICA ” brand names)_x000D_ .Multisensor measurement (WERTH, Germany)_x000D_ .Oil mist separators (3nine, Sweden)_x000D_ .Highspeed—Honing machine (Degen, Germany)_x000D_ .Coolant nozzle (KNOLL, Germany)
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Main Product : Omni-direction cooling tube,cooling systems
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Main Product : Centerless Grinding Machine, High-Speed Centerless Grinding machine, Augular Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Internal Grinding Machine, ID/OD Twin-Spindle Grinding Machine, Tool Grinding Machine
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Main Product : Precision Drill Sharpener, Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine, Circular Knife & Slitter Knife Grinding Machine, Chip Breaker, Chamfering Machine, Tube Cutting Machine, Tube Bending Machine, Pipe and Tube Making and Working Machine, Universal Grinding Machine, CNC Grinding Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine
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Main Product : Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, End Mill Grinder, Universal Drill & Tap Grinder, Engraving Tool Grinder, Tool Holder Maintenance & Polish Machine, Precision Spindle Polishing Machine, PCD Tool Grinder, CNC Tool Grinder
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Main Product : Gear Cutting Tools, Hob Sharpening Machine, Worm Thread Grinding Machine, Horizontal Gear Profile Grinding Machine, Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine, Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine
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