Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Energy Management Service, Energy Saving Service, Solar System/Program Service, Renewable Energy, Electric Service
New Asian mechanical memoir
Main Product : New Asian mechanical memoir
Main Product : height safety, lifting, load control and safety management
Main Product : Provide system integration service! BLDC/BDC Motor Driver, Multi-channel Temperature Controller, Communication Interface Module(RS-232、RS-485、CAN Bus), I/O Extension Module, Digital-to-Analog/Analog-to-Digital Conversion Module (ADC/DAC), Touched Screen Customized Services: PCB Design and Layout, Firmware/Software Design and Development, System Integration, Automation and Control System Planning
Taiwan Auto-Design Co.
Main Product : 1. Engineering Simulation System Solutions: Structural strength analysis, electromagnetic analysis, multibody mechanism motion analysis, coupled physics analysis, heat flow and thermal analysis, additive manufacturing optimization, material data design, vibration acoustics measurement, machine processing optimization. 2. CPC Business Management ERP 3. Industrial 4.0 Automation
Machinery Today / PTC Source / IAC Net
Main Product : IENet Media Taiwan is a trade journal covering the whole range of machinery both in Paper-based and Web-Based formats in Taiwan. The PTC NET are Including Fluid Power, Transmission & Control lines, The other one Machinery Today are including various kinds of machinery, such as Plastic, Food, Packing, Textile Mechanical, etc. ……
CHT Security
Main Product : OT Cybersecurity Evaluation, OT SOC Monitoring Service, IEC 62443 Consultant Service, Cybersecurity Professional Services, Network & Endpoint Security
Modern Machine Shop
Main Product : Media Agent, CIS (Corporate Identity System), Commercial ad design, Web design, Integrated Media Solution, Events, Gifts planning
Main Product : Microsoft Azure cloud solutions and maintenance management services.
Main Product : Media Promotion、Web Design、Video Production、Commercial Photography、Live Broadcast、Commercial Design
CIMer Tech
Main Product : PDM.PLM.API Customized / UOF Office - BPM.ISO.EIP / VirtualES encryption system Project Management 、Multi-CAD Integration、Part Management Part BOM / EC BOM Automotion、 Workflow Management、 Design Graphic Management Multi-CAD Integration、 Web Management Windows/Android/IOS Web Automotion、Note Management 、Message Rules
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