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Main Product : CFO Insight、Emission tracker、HR Insight Dashboard、Cloud Counsel Solutions、Carbon Calculator、Tax Intelligence Management System、
Main Product : KPMG is a global organization of independent professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. KPMG is committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning the public's trust through our actions and behaviors both professionally and personally.
Letsmedia (
Main Product : Publication of Taiwan Mold & Molding Products, Taiwan Machine Tools Directory, Taiwan Vehicle & Parts Directory. Design and Production of Company Catalogues / Brochures, Posters, and Websites,SEO
Main Product : FanRuan Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FanRuan), founded in 2006, is a professional big data BI and analytics platform vendor in China. Specializing in BI and data analysis, we are committed to providing one-stop BI solutions to businesses around the globe.
Main Product : height safety, lifting, load control and safety management
Main Product : Advertisement of International Magazines, International Trade Show Publications, Associated Publications, Catalogue Design & Production, Integrated Marketing Tools, Website Design & Video Making
CIMer Tech
Main Product : PDM.PLM.API Customized / UOF Office - BPM.ISO.EIP / VirtualES encryption system Project Management 、Multi-CAD Integration、Part Management Part BOM / EC BOM Automotion、 Workflow Management、 Design Graphic Management Multi-CAD Integration、 Web Management Windows/Android/IOS Web Automotion、Note Management 、Message Rules
Machinery Today / PTC Source / IAC Net
Main Product : IENet Media Taiwan is a trade journal covering the whole range of machinery both in Paper-based and Web-Based formats in Taiwan. The PTC NET are Including Fluid Power, Transmission & Control lines, The other one Machinery Today are including various kinds of machinery, such as Plastic, Food, Packing, Textile Mechanical, etc. ……
Main Product : Media Promotion、Web Design、Video Production、Commercial Photography、Live Broadcast、Commercial Design
Main Product : Microsoft Azure cloud solutions and maintenance management services.
Modern Machine Shop
Main Product : Media Agent, CIS (Corporate Identity System), Commercial ad design, Web design, Integrated Media Solution, Events, Gifts planning
New Asian mechanical memoir
Main Product : New Asian mechanical memoir
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