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Taiwan hand Tool Manufacturers' Associatuon
Main Product : Taiwan hand tools
Main Product : The association is a public welfare non-profit organization that was established by law. TACEA is a platform for cross-field technical exchanges and cross-industry alliances to promote the development of the cutting processing industry. TACEA aims at improving tool development, manufacturing capabilities, and innovative cutting technology
bearing & transmission
Main Product : Ball screw, Linear guideway, Bearing, Gear Reducer, Motor, Support Unit, Coupling, Oil seal, Gear, Precision Locknuts For Bearings, Wheels, Transmission parts, Casting Part
Main Product : Association
Main Product : Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) was founded on Oct. 5th, 2007. TMBA is consisted of more than 800 members of machine tools, accessory, components, and tools companies. The main mission of TMBA is to integrate the opinion of Taiwan machine tool & accessory, and establish industry development strategy with government to assist in promoting industrial upgrade.
Main Product : In order to integrate the industrial chain and small and medium-sized enterprises in various regions, enhance the competitiveness of workplaces and functions, cultivate talents needed by enterprises, improve industrial development, and promote mutual visits and exchanges between members and other groups or companies
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