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Main Product : Open CNC Solution / CNC Solution / Servo Systems - AC Servo Motors and Drives / Delta Articulated Robot / SCARA Robot / Robot Controller with Servo Drive Integrated / Industrial Ethernet solution / Machine Vision System / Sensor / Programmable Logic Controller / AC Motors &Drives
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Main Product : CNC Lathe, Bench Lathe, Swiss Type Lathe, PLC Hydraulic Automatic Machine
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Main Product : Conventional High Speed Lathe, CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Lathe, PCB Drilling Machine
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Main Product : 1. Rotary Table, Dividing Head, Hydraulic Machine Vise, Angle Vise, 4&5 Axis Self Centering Vise, MC Power Vise, Clamping Kit, Ground Parallels_x000D_ 2.Punch Former, Tool Makers Vise, Sine Vise, EDM Vise, Demagnetizer, Magnetic Tools_x000D_ 3. Collet Chuck System, Collet, Collet Holder,Pull Studs, Keyless Chucks, Boring Head , Height Presetter_x000D_ 4. NC Live Center, 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck, Soft Jaw_x000D_ 5. Drill Grinder, End Mill Grinder
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