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New Asian mechanical memoir
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Main Product : New Asian mechanical memoir
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Main Product : Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) was founded on Oct. 5th, 2007. TMBA is consisted of more than 800 members of machine tools, accessory, components, and tools companies. The main mission of TMBA is to integrate the opinion of Taiwan machine tool & accessory, and establish industry development strategy with government to assist in promoting industrial upgrade.
EuroAsia Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
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Main Product : Exhibition services
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Main Product : Advertisement of International Magazines, International Trade Show Publications, Associated Publications, Catalogue Design & Production, Integrated Marketing Tools, Website Design & Video Making
International Metalworking News for Asia
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Main Product : Digital, Advertising, Networking Event, PR
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Main Product : The three service areas of GTMC are: marketing strategy, brand development, and digital innovation. Among them, it is further divided into 5 service aspects with more than 20 service items: SEO marketing, web design, rebranding, APP development, industry marketing report, film shooting, 3D animation production, and other strategic consulting services.
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Main Product : 亞洲機械網平台: 亞洲機械採購指南 台灣機械零組件暨加工廠商名錄 / 台灣紡織染整成衣機械 (幫TAMI – 臺灣機械工業同業公會出的名錄) 展昭國際企業自辦展覽的大會專刊等
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