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Main Product : CAID, CAD, RP, RE, CAE, CAM , PDM,Consultant
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Main Product : CNC Machine Instant Production Information System
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Main Product : Particle Counter, Sound Analyzer, Conductivity & pH/ORP Meter, Color Meter, Anemometer, Solar Module Analyzer, CO/CO2 Analyzer, DC/AC Current Clamp, EMF Tester, Thermometers, Sound Level Meters, Power Clamp Meter, Light Meter, Insulation Tester, Humidity Temp. Meter, Battery Tester
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Main Product : THINKSO is a company specializing in the design of sheet metal chassis, integrated many talented designers and experts. We are the only company who has a professional metal sheet engineering crew in the industry, also has a complete dominance in design and construct. THINKSO fully meet the optimization of metal sheet chassis, helping customers to build their brand recognition.
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