Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : LENORD+BAUER Encoder, CAPTRON Sensor
Main Product : Robotic TCP Tool Checker, Ultrasonic Tool Checker, Laser Tool Checker, Contact-type tool sensor, Accelerometer, Eddy current sensor,
Da Shiang Automation Industrial
Main Product : Automatic Equipment
Main Product : HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM has been dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of components, systems, and equipment for linear motion and positioning control. Its products include "precision motion" and "control element", such as controller, drive , linear motor, direct drive motor, torque motor, spindle motor, AC servo motor, position measurement systems & nanometer linear motor stage.
Main Product : CNC Control Cabinet, CNC Operation Panel, PCB Relay Module, PCB I/O Module, PCB Interface Module, PCB I/F Module, LED Luminaries for Machines Tools, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems, Material Handing Systems and related equipment, CIM, Robots for Material Handing, Mobile Platforms, Transport Mechanism, Image,Vision Module
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