Digital Transformation
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Main Product : HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM has been dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of components, systems, and equipment for linear motion and positioning control. Its products include "precision motion" and "control element", such as controller, drive , linear motor, direct drive motor, torque motor, spindle motor, AC servo motor, position measurement systems & nanometer linear motor stage.
Main Product : Linear Motion Guide, Bearings
Main Product : -Design-to-Manufacture Service for AI+AOI Equipment -Customized AI + Automated Optical Inspection System -Automated Production Lines / packing station -Spectral Optical detection instrument -ODM service for AOI Equipment -Industrial IoT solutions for ESG -Proactive disaster prevention system -Smart factory AI perdition and notification system / 3D virtual situation room development
ZEISS、3D Systems、FARO、BigRep、Markforged
Main Product : 3D Print 3D Scan
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