Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Accessories for Lathe/Milling,VDI Tool Holder, BMT Tool Holder, Boring Tooling System, CNC Tool Holder, Collet Chucks and Tool Holders, Cutting Tools, Robots for Material Handing/Packaging and Palletizing/Assembly/Presses/Material Processing, Pneumatic Gripper
Main Product : Hydraulic Forging Press Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Hydraulic Tryout Press Die Spotting Machine Reversing Machine
Main Product : Radial Drills, CNC Turret Punch Press, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Servo-Hydraulic Press Brake
Main Product : LNC Technology dedicates on the developing and manufacturing of a variety of equipment control systems and provides clients professional solutions. Product range includes high-speed and high-precision controllers of milling machine, turning machine, injection molding machine, gantry robot, multi-joint robot, automation control system, second-developing platform and servo motors and is the best candidates of intelligent manufacturing solution provider. Products apply to all kinds of processing procedures in modern factories, such as molds processing, cutting, stamping, grinding, injection to robot operation, ex: assembly, polishing, material-handling, wielding, spraying….etc. LNC is capable to provide the most complete product line, professional technologies and excellent service and is rapidly expanding market share in both Taiwan and mainland China now.
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