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Da Shiang Automation Industrial
Main Product : Automatic Equipment
Main Product : -Design-to-Manufacture Service for AI+AOI Equipment -Customized AI + Automated Optical Inspection System -Automated Production Lines / packing station -Spectral Optical detection instrument -ODM service for AOI Equipment -Industrial IoT solutions for ESG -Proactive disaster prevention system -Smart factory AI perdition and notification system / 3D virtual situation room development
Main Product : Industrial Machinery, Robotics, Testing & Certification, Information & Communication Technology, Machine Tools, Promotion& Training
Main Product : Ballscrew, Linear Guideway, Bearings, DATORKER® Strain Wave Gear, Industrial Robot, End Effector, Wafer Robot, Equipment Front End Module (EFEM), Wafer Aligner, Medical Equipment, Torque Motor Rotary Table, Linear Motor, Servo Drive, AC Servo Motor, Torque Motor Rotary Tables, Linear Actuator
Main Product : Linear Motion Guide, Bearings
Main Product : Automatic Bar Feeder, Gantry Loader
Main Product : CNC Lathe, Automatic Lathe, Swiss Type Lathe, Special Purpose Machine(auto loading/unloading), Gantry Loader
Asia Power Laser Maker Co., Ltd.
Main Product : Laser welding machine, Laser cutting machine, Laser marking machine
Main Product : CNC Control Cabinet, CNC Operation Panel, PCB Relay Module, PCB I/O Module, PCB Interface Module, PCB I/F Module, LED Luminaries for Machines Tools, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems, Material Handing Systems and related equipment, CIM, Robots for Material Handing, Mobile Platforms, Transport Mechanism, Image,Vision Module
Balance Systems / RENISHAW /Mitsubishi
Main Product : RENISHAW: Authorized Distributor, Balance Systems: Solution for Grinding Machine, Mitsubishi Electric: CNC Control and Robot
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