Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Administration for Digital Industries, moda
Main Product : As digital technology is a key tool that aids the digital transformation of Taiwan’s industries, the Administration is tasked with the promotion of applications relating to digital competency, helping Taiwan’s industries prepare for challenges and opportunities that come with the era of digital economy to create a new momentum for growth in Taiwan.
Main Product : Power Vise, Vise CIM, FMS, FA Quick-Change, Manual Quick Lock
Main Product : Horizontal/Vertical CNC Lathes, Horizontal/Vertical Machining Center, Double Column Machining Center, High Speed Lathes, Heavy Duty Lathes
Main Product : Cutting Tools, Big Plus, Big Capto, Tooling System, Mega Chuck, New Baby Chuck, Milling Chuck, Hydraulic Chuck, Mold Chuck, Boring System, Air Turbine Spindle, Angle Head,Tool Presetter, 5-Axis Vices, Robotrex Automation System
ERP Web Solution
Main Product : ERP Web Solution ESG Solution
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table, Horizontal CNC Rotary Table, CNC tilting Rotary Table, Auto Pallet Changer System, Hydraulic Index Table
Da Shiang Automation Industrial
Main Product : Automatic Equipment
Industrial Technology Research Institute Intelligent Machinery Technology Center
Main Product : The Rotary Platform of Hybrid Drive Technology,Virtual machine technology,Mobile Devices AR Demonstration System for Machinery
Main Product : Structural steel, steel beam processing machining center, STD-105、CNC Drilling Machines、CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines、Double Mitre Band Saw, Steel Beam Laser Marking Machine、Engraving Machines、QR Coded Tag Stamping Machine
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