Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : 01-TopSolid/Design 02-TopSolid/Mold 03-TopSolid/Progress 04-TopSolid/Electrode 05-TopSolid/Cam 06-TopSolid/Wire 07-TopSolid/Wood CADCAM
Main Product : Load cell,Torque sensor,Pressure sensor,Tension loadcell,Indicator,Controller Spindle pull-in force gage, Chuck clamping force gage Machine condition mornitor
Mastercam CAD / CAM
Main Product : Mastercam is a PC-based CAD/CAM software developed by CNC Software, LLC, USA. With enriched functional modules including Design, Solid modelling, 2 – 3 axis Milling machining, Multiaxis machining, Mill-Turn complex machining, Wire Cutting, and Wood Working.
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Main Product : Laboratory consultancy for ISO/IEC 17025 conformity, Spindle runout measurement of machine tools, Geometrical error measurement and compensation for machine tools, Precision measurement of artefact dimensions and geometry, Calibration of measurement instruments, Robotic guided automatic inspection, Automatic shaft length / diameter / roundness inspection system, Automatic piston dimension inspection system, On-line inspection for surface defects of metal sheets, Ultra-sound nondestructive testing system, X-ray internal defect inspection system, Development of dimensional measurement instruments, Development of automatic optical inspection equipment
Otsuka Information Technology Corp.
Main Product : CAD, CAM, Quility Control Softwares and Engineering, Quality Inspection & Testing
Main Product : CAID, CAD, RP, RE, CAE, CAM , PDM,Consultant
Main Product : Essenntium FDM filament material、Stratasys 3D Printer、Zeiss 3D Scanner、HP 3D Printer MJF、UltiMaker 3D Printer、Geomagic Design X、Sintratec AMP SLS 3D Printer、One Click Metal 3D Printer
Main Product : Hardwares and Accessories for Machine Tool, Automatic Control Equipment, Lathe, Milling Machine, CAD/CAM Software, Glass Cutting Machine
Main Product : -Design-to-Manufacture Service for AI+AOI Equipment -Customized AI + Automated Optical Inspection System -Automated Production Lines / packing station -Spectral Optical detection instrument -ODM service for AOI Equipment -Industrial IoT solutions for ESG -Proactive disaster prevention system -Smart factory AI perdition and notification system / 3D virtual situation room development
Main Product : ESPRIT comprehensive processing software, Integrated 2-5 axis milling machine, Milling take heart take the knife shaft fully integrated 2-22, 2-6 axis wire cutting
CIMer Tech
Main Product : PDM.PLM.API Customized / UOF Office - BPM.ISO.EIP / VirtualES encryption system Project Management 、Multi-CAD Integration、Part Management Part BOM / EC BOM Automotion、 Workflow Management、 Design Graphic Management Multi-CAD Integration、 Web Management Windows/Android/IOS Web Automotion、Note Management 、Message Rules
Main Product : CAD/CAM PowerMILL Fusion 360 RoboDK PowerCONNECT GO2cam
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