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Main Product : Load cell,Torque sensor,Pressure sensor,Tension loadcell,Indicator,Controller Spindle pull-in force gage, Chuck clamping force gage Machine condition mornitor
Main Product : A Full Range of Precision Tool Machine, Grinding Machine and All Kinds of Precision Measuring Instruments of US and Europe Brand. With the raise of manufacturing quality, Full Bright represents various measuring machine:_x000D_ .Cylindrical-grinders from Hardinge Group (KELLENBERGER, Switzerland)._x000D_ .Jig-grinders form Hardinge Group (HAUSER, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Universal ID/OD grinding tool form Hardinge Group (VOUMARD, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Precision grinding tools (Meister, DIAMETAL, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Magnetic filtration (Eclipse Magnetics, UK)_x000D_ .Liquid Tool (MERCOOL, Germany)_x000D_ .High-quality Coordinate Measuring Machine form HEXAGON METROLOGY GROUP (with the “Brown & Sharpe – DEA- LEITZ-LEICA ” brand names)_x000D_ .Multisensor measurement (WERTH, Germany)_x000D_ .Oil mist separators (3nine, Sweden)_x000D_ .Highspeed—Honing machine (Degen, Germany)_x000D_ .Coolant nozzle (KNOLL, Germany)
Main Product : 1.High Presure T esting 2.Rim Geometry Me asuring 3.Ru n o u t M e a s u r i n g 4.Rim Profile Measuring Machine
Main Product : Laboratory Instruments Equipment Design and Manufacturing
Main Product : As the leading sensor technology and connectivity solution specialist with more than 90 years of company tradition, Balluff GmbH has been a recognized partner in factory automation for decades. Balluff Taiwan is your partner whether you are in need for object detection, position measurement technology, innovative RFID solutions or connectivity solutions based on IO-Link – we connect components.
Main Product : Chamfering Machine, Tool Holder Locking Device, Spindle Taper Wiper, Multi-Function Mist Coolant System, Power Drawbar, Air Cooler, Tool Presetter, Work Stop Tool, Power Table Feeds, Z-Axis Setter, Portable Chamfering Tools, Pull Stud, Edge Finder, Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Chip-Shields
Zhong Yang Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.
Main Product : Turning Tools, Carbide Shank Boring Bars, Modular Change Boring Bars, Toolholders, Threading Tools, External Grooving Toolholders, Internal Grooving Toolholders, End Mills, Modular Head Type, Tungsten Carbide Shank, Boring Tools, High Speed Drill. Accept any Custom-Made and Welding & Repairing the Carbide Shank Boring
Main Product : For the measurement and troubleshooting of vibration, noise, and harshness, Polytec's vibration analyzers use Doppler and White light interferometer technologies to provide Scanning measurement, microstructure MEMS measurement, and single-point measurement...etc. different measurement solutions. Polytec vibration analyzers accelerate product development and quality control, and effectively monitor
Main Product : Hainbuch focuses on process-optimizing solutions for set-up, clamping, measurement and automation. The product portfolio includes products, such as chucks, mandrels, stationary chucks, quick change-over systems as well as automation solutions. The products are used in a wide range of industries – from the automotive and machine tool industry to aerospace and medical technology.
Main Product : LENORD+BAUER Encoder, CAPTRON Sensor
Main Product : Ultrasonic cleaning machine Spray machine Wastewater distillation machine Solvent recovery distillation machine AOI inspection equipment
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