Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : MarCal, Micrometers, Height Measuring Instruments Digimar, Surface Measuring Instruments and Systems,Air Gage Metrology, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Gear Measuring Machine, High Precision Granite Product, Balance Systems, Laser Systems, Clamping Technology Standard Elements Operating Parts, Granite surface plates, Surface roughness instruments, Other dimension inspecting and measuring instrument
Main Product : As the leading sensor technology and connectivity solution specialist with more than 90 years of company tradition, Balluff GmbH has been a recognized partner in factory automation for decades. Balluff Taiwan is your partner whether you are in need for object detection, position measurement technology, innovative RFID solutions or connectivity solutions based on IO-Link – we connect components.
Main Product : Slydway, Rollon Linear guide, Cable Chain, Seals, Bearing, Touch probe, Tool setter, Power Scraper, LOSMA Mist Collector, Bend-Resistant Flexible Cable, Rollon Actuators, Unisorb Fixator, Epoxy Grout, Steady Rest, Safety Fence X-Guard, Unitec Roller Bearing
Main Product : Tool checking,part checking,In-process measuring,wheel balancing,AE sensor,monitoring system
Taylor Hobson
Main Product : Taylor Hobson: LuphoScan,PGI Optics Range,PGI Novus,FTS Series TalyScan,Talyrond Series Autocollimator,MAT Optical Application,Bearing Application,Spindle Application,Ball Screw & Linear Guide Application Alignment/Squareness Application
Main Product : Spindle Run-In System, Spindle Condition Monitor, Bearing Heater, High Speed Bearing, High Speed Grease, On-Line Balancer, Oil-Mist Lubricator, Temperature Measuring Instrument, Other Inspecting/ Measuring and Testing Component and Instruments
Main Product : Tool and Work Piece Measuring System on Machine Tools *LC50 Digilog *Touch Probe *Z-Probe *FormControl Measuring software
Main Product : Machine tool probing systems Machine calibration systems 5-axis CMM measurement system Shopfloor flexible gauging system Position and motion control systems
Main Product : Tschorn GmbH 3D-Taster
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Main Product : "Non-Contact Laser Wafer Inspection Equipment", and "High-Precision Online/Offlin Laser Thickness Gauge System" It has the benefits of non-contact, instant monitoring, continuous measuring, and no radiation damage. The measurable materials include non-transparent materials such as metal, non-metal, wafer, resin, plastic film, and fiber. The products have been applied to the production lines.
Main Product : -Design-to-Manufacture Service for AI+AOI Equipment -Customized AI + Automated Optical Inspection System -Automated Production Lines / packing station -Spectral Optical detection instrument -ODM service for AOI Equipment -Industrial IoT solutions for ESG -Proactive disaster prevention system -Smart factory AI perdition and notification system / 3D virtual situation room development
Main Product : Provide system integration service! BLDC/BDC Motor Driver, Multi-channel Temperature Controller, Communication Interface Module(RS-232、RS-485、CAN Bus), I/O Extension Module, Digital-to-Analog/Analog-to-Digital Conversion Module (ADC/DAC), Touched Screen Customized Services: PCB Design and Layout, Firmware/Software Design and Development, System Integration, Automation and Control System Planning
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