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Main Product : ATC (Auto Tool Changer), Index, Magazine, CAM, Rotary Table
Techplasma Technology Co.,Ltd
Main Product : Metal Surface Treatment 1.Electroless Nickel Plating 2.Electroless Nickel Plating with Dispersed PTFE 3.Plasma Chemical Coating(KEPLA-COAT®) 4.Hard Anodising of Aluminum Alloys 5.Sulfuric Acid Anodising 6.Colour-Anodising for Titanium Alloy 7.Electropolishing 8.Passivation for SST 9.Black Oxide for SST 10.Trivalent Chromium for Passivation 11.Chromium free black film
Main Product : CNC Turning & Milling Center Tool Holders, Static & Driven Tool Holders, Sand Casting, Investment Casting, CNC Machining, Mechanical Parts Development
Main Product : 專賣小型傳統車銑床、CNC客制化車銑床 機車、汽車、開發工作室、周邊商品修改小零件設計
Main Product : 1、Hydrodynamic liquid mixing pump (proportional diluter) Applicable industries: Industrial manufacturing, food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, planting industry, breeding industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, printing industry, car washing industry, water treatment...etc. 2、CNC mechanical maintenance service 3、Integration of automated planning and design
Main Product : 1. Noritake Grinding wheel 2. saw blade 3. carrier 4. Cutting oil 5. grinding equipment 6. processing category
Honway Materials, Apick Solution
Main Product : Diamond Powder, Diamond Compound, Diamond Slurry, Diamond Brush, Diamond Tools etc.
Main Product : Power Chucks. Independent Chucks. Self Centering Chucks. Box Jaws. Hydraulic Cylinder
professional components and parts on the basis of OEM service
Main Product : Technology Industry, Auto and Motorcycle Industry, Industrial Parts, Bicycles Parts, Components, Specialized OEM, Zero Point System & Quick Die Change System
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