Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Labor-Saving Quick Joint, Quick Coupler Ball Valve, Ball Cock, Brass Joint and Forged Bend, Iron, Zinc, Stainless-Steel, Forged Mechanical Parts.
Main Product : Hinges, Door Latches, Draw Latches, Leveling Feet, Handles, Lid Stay Holders, Casters, Digital Torque Wrenches
Main Product : Machine Hardware Accessories, In addition to providing standard parts for industry such as: crank handles, adjustable hand levers, revolving handles, adjustable handles, handwheels, knurled nuts , hand knobs, indexing plungers, indicating rulers, lock accessories and hinge accessories , we also offer customization service for buyers’ need.
Victor Taichung
Main Product : CNC Lathe, Machining Center, Plastics Injecting Molding Machine, Casting Parts, Sheet Metals
Main Product : Yellow Point-Lifting point
Main Product : Industrial Brush, Power Brush Series, Abrasive Nylon Brush Series, Roller Brush Series, Strip Brush Series, Super Finishing Brush Series, Brush For Wire Drawing Industrial, TFT-LCD screen cleaning, Car Industrial, Steel Industrial and Non Woven Squeezing Rolls
Main Product : CNC Turning & Milling Center Tool Holders, Static & Driven Tool Holders, Sand Casting, Investment Casting, CNC Machining, Mechanical Parts Development
Main Product : SHEN SHAN is engaged in the design , customized design , tooling manufacturing and the specialist manufacture for the products and parts which are widely used in furnitures, sports equipment, medical devices, machinery and so on.
Main Product : The design and manufacture of Spring,Stamping,precision metal parts and assembly products. The manufacture of LCD monitor base, notebook hinge, other electronics appliance hinge, computer shaft and computer stand. Powder Metallurgy products and assembly products. Hinge products. Production of lathe products and assembly products.
Bauer Disc Springs
Main Product : BAUER Disc Springs, SMALLEY Wave Springs & Retaining Rings, SPEC Stock Springs, Die Springs (JIS/ USA/ISO Standard), Cylinder (BORDIGNON / NITROGAS), Custom Springs
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