Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Angle Head, Driven Tool Holder, Vise, U-Axis Boring and Facing Head
live center, edge finder, Z preset gauge, endmill re-sharpening machine, drill re-sharpening machine
Main Product : Customized Center, Live Center, Edge Finder, Z Preset Gauge, Drill & End-mill Re-Sharpening Machine
Main Product : Carbide Milling Cutter, GL Holder, HDC Chuck & HUC Chuck, GLCK Holder
Main Product : Carbide End Mills, Indexable High Speed Drills, Metal Slitting Saw, Inserts
Main Product : Carbide Roll Form Taps, Carbide Cutting Taps, Carbide Spiral flutes Taps, Carbide Thread Cutting Dies, Thread Mills, Thread Cutter, Thread Tap Chaser, Thread Dies Chaser
Main Product : Parts & Accessories of Machine Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Chuck, Lathe Chuck, Power Chuck, Soft Jaws, Hard Jaws, Jaw Boring Rings, Jaw T-Nuts, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Spare Parts, Accessories of Hydraulic chuck
Main Product : Cutting Tools, Turning, Boring Bars, Inserts, CBN inserts
Main Product : Tool Holder, Drill Chuck, Spindle Accessory, Vise, Tapping, Stainless, Keyless, Universal Chuck, Collet, Grippers, JIS, DIN, ISO, BT, NT, CAT, SK, HSK, VDI, Nozzle, Hexagon, Boring Head, Live Center, Endmill, Cutter, Shrink, Slim-Fit, Side Lock, Hydraulic Drawbar
MY, Meng Yi
Main Product : Inner-outer Chamfer Tool, Drill with Inner-outer Chamfer Tool, Surface Deburring Tool, Anti-vibration Cutting Sleeve, CNC Lathe Cutting Sleeve, lathe and grinding accessories, brass beads
Main Product : Turning Tools, Boring Bars, Threading Tools, Groove Tools, End Mills, Face Milling Cutters, Modular End Mills, Side Milling Cutters, and Drills for Metalworking.
Main Product : Tool Holder and Accessories for CNC Machining Center
Main Product : Cutting Tools, Chamfering Tools, Chucking Tools, Grooving tools, Kunrling Tools, Carbide Shank Boring Bars, Center of Carbide Tipped, Machinery Parts and Elements, Rotary Broaching Tools, Chuck, Accessories for Lathe, Gear Cutters, Accessories for Milling Machine, Accessories for Grinding Machine
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