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Brand: KTK
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Main Product : Auto Drilling Machine Tapping machine, Drilling& Drilling Machine, Tapping Machine , Drilling&Milling Machine , Automatiion Units, Special Purpose Machine Automation Unit , Multi-Spindle Unit
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Main Product : bench drill, drilling machine, pillar drill machine, tapping machine, multiple spindle head customized machines
Brand: HONG JI
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Main Product : deep hole drilling Machine, gun drilling Machine, BTA drilling Machine, deep hole boring Machine, long hole drilling Machine, automatic drilling Machine
Brand: JAR HON
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Main Product : tapping machine, drilling machine, multi-spindle, special purpose machine, auto feeding processing machine
Brand: Verical drilling machine
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Main Product : Verical drilling machine ,Horizontal drilling machine ,Deep hole drilling machine
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Main Product : THINKSO is a company specializing in the design of sheet metal chassis, integrated many talented designers and experts. We are the only company who has a professional metal sheet engineering crew in the industry, also has a complete dominance in design and construct. THINKSO fully meet the optimization of metal sheet chassis, helping customers to build their brand recognition.
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Main Product : Portable electromagnetic drill & cutting machine, Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & tapping machine, Electromagnetic table drill & tapping machine, Portable electromagnetic drill & tapping machine, Portable electromagnetic drilling machine, Portable electromagnetic automatic drilling machine,
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