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Pande Tools Plastic Package
Main Product : Plastic Packaging For CNC Cutting Tools And Hardware Tools Milling cutter box, telescopic tube, carbide inserts box, knife handle box, woodworking box, screw tap box, collet box, threading die box, compact box, abrasion/grinding wheel box, blade turnover tray, etc.
Main Product : 1. Noritake Grinding wheel 2. saw blade 3. carrier 4. Cutting oil 5. grinding equipment 6. processing category
Main Product : Diamond Tools、Abrasive Tools
Main Product : Diamond Wheels, Diamond Tools, Polishing Tools, Grinding Tools, Cristone Fiber Stones, Air Tools, Ultrasonic Polisher, Electric Grinders
Main Product : A Full Range of Precision Tool Machine, Grinding Machine and All Kinds of Precision Measuring Instruments of US and Europe Brand. With the raise of manufacturing quality, Full Bright represents various measuring machine:_x000D_ .Cylindrical-grinders from Hardinge Group (KELLENBERGER, Switzerland)._x000D_ .Jig-grinders form Hardinge Group (HAUSER, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Universal ID/OD grinding tool form Hardinge Group (VOUMARD, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Precision grinding tools (Meister, DIAMETAL, Switzerland)_x000D_ .Magnetic filtration (Eclipse Magnetics, UK)_x000D_ .Liquid Tool (MERCOOL, Germany)_x000D_ .High-quality Coordinate Measuring Machine form HEXAGON METROLOGY GROUP (with the “Brown & Sharpe – DEA- LEITZ-LEICA ” brand names)_x000D_ .Multisensor measurement (WERTH, Germany)_x000D_ .Oil mist separators (3nine, Sweden)_x000D_ .Highspeed—Honing machine (Degen, Germany)_x000D_ .Coolant nozzle (KNOLL, Germany)
Main Product : Diamond Wheel, CBN Wheel
Honway Materials, Apick Solution
Main Product : Diamond Powder, Diamond Compound, Diamond Slurry, Diamond Brush, Diamond Tools etc.
Main Product : Diamond CBN Tool, Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel, Diamond File, Diamond Mounted Point, Diamond CBN Internal Wheel, Diamond Compound, Diamond Micro Powder, Diamond Foil, Diamond Dresser, PCD&PCBN Tool, Ultrasonic Lapping Machine, Air & Electric Tool, Ceramic Fiber, Felt Bobs, Brush, Wood Bobs
Main Product : 1. Rotary Table, Dividing Head, Hydraulic Machine Vise, Angle Vise, 4&5 Axis Self Centering Vise, MC Power Vise, Clamping Kit, Ground Parallels_x000D_ 2.Punch Former, Tool Makers Vise, Sine Vise, EDM Vise, Demagnetizer, Magnetic Tools_x000D_ 3. Collet Chuck System, Collet, Collet Holder,Pull Studs, Keyless Chucks, Boring Head , Height Presetter_x000D_ 4. NC Live Center, 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck, Soft Jaw_x000D_ 5. Drill Grinder, End Mill Grinder
Main Product : Diamond and CBN Tools
Main Product : Diamond Turning Tool, Diamond Wheel, Diamond Dresser, Diamond Files, Diamond Mounted Point, PCD Wear Part, Rotary Dresser
Main Product : Diamond dresser, Dressing spindle system, Wear resistant parts
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